Monday, March 03, 2008

Super Hollywood Edition

Since moving to LA a little under a year ago, I haven’t reported too many star sightings. A lot of that is because I feel like I haven’t seen too many A-listers and the rest of it is the former New Yorker in me who is obviously above all that. While these don’t hold a candle to Whitney’s Obama sighting on a treadmill next to her at the gym back in December, they’re something.

So here we go!

John Mayer
A couple of weeks ago we saw him at the shoe store Undefeated in Santa Monica which was a kinda so-so sighting. I think Whitney was more excited than I was. But then again, who left the store with her? That’s right, Johnny. Howard, 1. John Mayer, 0.

Harrison Ford
I saw him last Wednesday at the recording studio where I was recording some radio. He was recording some narration for a documentary on ants. But Han frikkin’ Solo! Indiana frikkin’ Jones! Jack frikkin’ Ryan! Right frikkin’ there! That was kind of a big one for me as he’s not only a childhood hero of mine, he’s like the coolest guy ever. I was tempted to give him a little Chewbacca call. But I didn’t.

David Lynch
Whitney and I saw him Saturday night after dinner in Silverlake. Just waiting for his car at the valet stand. With a young, freaky-looking girl on his arm, naturally. I kinda wanted to ask him some questions about Mulholland Drive while we waited. Like for instance, “what the hell was going in with that one?” But then our car came so I didn’t get the chance.

So there you have it, star sightings from LA!

And now a little preview of some possible topics coming soon:

• “Millionaire Matchmaker”: More evidence that money can't buy common sense.

• “Atonement”: Other, less regrettable ways I could have spent that 2.5 hours.

• “Semi-Pro”: Semi-funny.

• “The Other Boleyn Girl”: And you thought your family was messed up.

• Running the marathon in costume: Considerably harder, I would think.

• Recession? No recession?: Make up your mind.

• Bush “hadn’t heard” gas is nearing $4 a gallon: Worst president ever? Or worst president ever?

• Tomorrow’s primaries: Or Clinton’s last day, as we like to call it.


Blogger ButtonHole said...

Who's Whitney? All the sudden, Whitney this and that. I missed something.

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Blogger ButtonHole said...

Well, fine, then. I totally don't care who Whitney is.

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