Monday, March 31, 2008

Vaya con dios

Saturday night we ventured downtown to take in the production that’s sweeping LA: “Point Break Live.” It’s just like the movie we all love only it’s live and with one big catch: someone from the audience has gotta play Keanu. Because really, how hard can it be?

So there’s an open casting call before the show where anyone who wants to play Keanu can get up, deliver a few lines and based on audience applause, possibly win the chance to play him. I declined to audition because, as I put it to the table “if I’m gonna audition, I’m gonna get that part. LA's not ready for my Keanu.” And frankly, I was more in the mood to watch.

As you might expect, it was quite an interactive experience with lots of water, some meatball sandwiches, lots of gunfire and foot chases, and Bode’s gang periodically hopping into the audience and putting their crotches in people’s faces. Fortunately we sprang for the $1 “emergency kits” which included a pancho, a napkin and some fake Monopoly-style money that we never really figured out what in the world it was for. The panchos did keep you dry I'm told if you didn’t get up to go to the bathroom during the big “storm of the century” scene and miss the deluge. But here are Katy and Whitney modeling theirs:

The show’s pretty damn funny and with the help of cue cards even the guy playing Keanu was pretty good. Our own Grant even got recruited to make a cameo as the “guy in the bank who’s an undercover cop” who of course shoots one of Bode’s gang members only to be shot himself. He was born for the part. Check him out!

And a post-show action shot to boot!

One of the more interesting parts of the night was that the thing took place at this bombed-out bar space downtown somewhere (actually 5th and Spring). Anyway, I don’t make it downtown too much and I’ll tell you why. Downtown LA is like a weird post-apocalyptic ghost town at night. It’s all high-rises up top and then semi-empty streets lined with nightshades that inevitably cover the entrances to weird businesses whose names are in foreign languages and people who just seem to be wandering. To where, you have no idea. Oh yeah, and of course there’s lofts. For the urban pioneer in all of us. I'm actually going back down there tonight to see the French electronic duo Justice play. Can't get enough of that downtown LA!

Oh and for kicks, here are some pictures from when Whitney and I went to the Hollywood Bowl for Easter.

So L.A. So, so L.A.


Blogger minus five said...

i thought you were kidding about that easter/hollywood bowl thing. and point break live sounds awesome. i think i'd leave my apartment for it if it came to brooklyn.

11:47 PM  
Blogger Tania Rochelle said...

Why does Grant look like he's been hiding out in the woods of Western Carolina?

9:29 AM  

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