Thursday, April 03, 2008

Go back to bed, old people!

What is it with the old folks and 3AM? Is this some magical hour for them? Is the thought of the phone ringing at that hour just unbelievable? I like to think that when you're running a country of 300 million people the phone's gonna be ringing at all hours of the day and night. And you're gonna have a whole staff of people helping you answer it. I know it's a metaphor but it's a little tired. Already.

But for whatever reason, it has really become a fascination for our over-60 set.

First, Hillary tries to terror-frighten Texas into voting for her. Now she's trying to economically frighten Pennsylvania into voting for her with pretty much a retread of the same ad. (editor's note: they do know Pennsylvania has the internet and may very well have seen this before, right?)

Thankfully, she's not alone. Because look who else is up! Old man McCain is already up, dressed and probably watching himself some Matlock while diving into a bowl of Wilford Brimley-endorsed Quaker Oatmeal! Guess that explains why yesterday he releases an ad that's, uh, kinda sorta similar.

Check it out:

Hillary's version:

McCain's version:

(editor's note 2: Are people really up stressing over their bills and stuff at that hour while they're kids are asleep? That looks like zero fun.)

We know you're awake!!! Now go back to sleep, old people. Everything's fine.

Besides, modern phones have voicemail. What emergency can't wait another hour or so until you wake up?


Blogger Sherry said...

This happens a lot when I read your blog, but I am laughing my head off at this entry--and I happen to be an old person!

6:33 PM  

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