Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sign o' the times

While editing today we ran across a shot of a car passing a gas station with "$3.59/$3.69/$3.79" listed as the prices for the three grades of gas. The sad thing is, it looked good! We're all like "damn, where's that cheap-ass gas?" Like we were looking at some sort of historical archive footage from yesteryear. What's even sadder is it was just shot a couple months ago! Now with our gas here in LA making a b-line for the five buck mark, I'd be drivin' cross town to even find gas for $4.59. Here's the story of the last month here in LA:

Who do I need to talk to about lowering the price of the go juice? This is retarded. Damn fossil fuels.

On a kinda-sorta related note, the term "staycation" has already really worn out its welcome. What did that take, a week and a half? Personally I like John Hodgman's "holistay" better.


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