Monday, August 11, 2008

We had a good run

Somewhere in London someone is totally going back to drawing board. And somewhere next to that drawing board is a trash can filled with whatever rinky-dink ideas they had for their opening ceremonies. 'Cause China cold buh-rought it Friday night! Good luck topping that, London. Unless John and George come back for a reunion show it's gonna be tough to top that spectacle.

I'm fairly certain that the display that China unleashed on us pretty much might have been the grandest (and most importantly, coolest) display ever put on by man. I mean, usually those things are like Disneyland on steroids with a bunch of furry things and swirly things all dancing to Celine Dion songs and talking about how we are one world or something before I inevitably change the channel. I've never say through probably 30 minutes of opening ceremonies in my life. Well, I don't think I missed a second of the LA olympics in '84. I was straight up obsessed with those.

But these opening ceremonies took it to a whole other level. The drummer guys, the glow in the dark drumsticks, the oar guys, the woodblock/movable type guys (holy crap), the light up suit people, the tai-chi guys, the frikkin' globe that came out of the floor, the fireworks, the Bird's Nest itself—are you kiddin' me? Speaking for all of us, I've never seen anything like it.

I told Whitney when it was over that we're moving there. The US had a good run but there's a new superpower in town and I wanna be a part of it.

Zai jian, bitches.

Not really. I had a thrila-killa three-day'er this weekend out here and I'm not going anywhere. More on that later but this was the view from our porch:


Blogger mccovert said...

I was expecting the standard Las Vegas (or, better yet, Macau), but I agree, they put together one hell of a cool display. I couldn't believe it when those gyrating pillars turned out to be humans inside. Unreal. Way to use that natural resource - population!

11:53 AM  

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