Monday, September 01, 2008

Heckuva job, Palin

This from an article focus group of AARP members regarding the Palin pick:

"Then there was this, from a woman named Teresa, who went to the Democratic Convention as a Hillary delegate and is leaning toward voting for McCain--obviously the target audience for the Palin pick: "His age didn't really bother me until he picked Palin. What if he dies in office and leaves us with her as President? Also she leans toward the rigid right, and I always thought he was a moderate...You know, I change my mind almost every day, but right now I"m wondering where the John McCain I really liked in 2000 went, what happened to the moderate? This John McCain has the look of someone who is being manipulated--probably by Karl Rove."

Ask yourself this, is McCain playing to merely win the presidency or to do what he—as a "maverick", of course—knows is absolutely best for this country? He'd never have chosen a man with that experience! He just likes the cougars maybe?

I would argue that this guy would do just about anything Karl says at this point to win, humiliation be damned. He's already surrendered pretty much every shred of moderation the McCain of 2000 had, why not go all the way and let uncle Karl show you the way?

Also ask yourself this, who in god's name did the vetting of this woman? Pregnant daughter (abstinence education for ya!), DWI husband, potential corruption charges?

You can't tell me this was his choice before Obama made his choice. Clearly reactionary, clearly not thought through, clearly in the mold of a certain someone who many call the worst president ever.

Something tells me all the candy's not out of this Palin Pinata yet.


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