Saturday, September 20, 2008

Where to start

Apologies for not posting more since my return from Spain but I gotta say it was a very odd situation to have witnessed the Democratic convention just before leaving and thinking it's all gonna be alright only to then return home from Spain to my own country where I'm greeted by the requisite homeland security lockdown and signs warning "no cell phones or cameras" lining the walls of this creepy two-way mirror room as we waited for our bags at JFK before then dealing with a bunch of surly customs agents all uppity about why I'd left my country. Welcome home, right? Home of the free. Or something like that.

Oh yeah, and despite my thinking no one would possibly take this Sarah Palin seriously I come home to find out people fucking love her! "She's like us" they say. I'm less concerned about her experience as I am about her seeming lack of insight and thinking. She seems to be fantastic at rattling off talking points and the party line but after eight years of a simpleton who also "doesn't blink" and loves war, it scares the ever-loving shit out of me for someone to nonchalantly talk about going to war with Russia (nuclear power, btw) while not knowing the doctrine that essentially set the world on its course toward "war is cool if you think someone's looking at you funny" while maintaining a Cheney-like sense of secrecy and smokescreens. Seriously? Is this what we want? AS if McsaywhateverIneedtosaytogetelected wasn't bad enough.

It's honestly hard for me to write about anything else. But no one wants to read that. It's hard enough for me to talk or even think about anything else. This is so goddamn important that to think there are people out there who think the best thing for this country are these two fuckwads is horrifying. Absolutely fucking horrifying.

I love this country and the things it stands for more than you know. And to see it hijacked yet again by these ideologues who have no interest in understanding the world we live but rather to be, well, hell-bent on bending it to our will is really just sad. And now we're writing away most of my generation's future on picking up the tab on $700 billion dollars in shit investments? God help us is all I'll say.

That being said, I'm gonna try to get on with it. To talk about something else. Or at least try to.

And so away we go.

Caught some good shows this past week. Saw Vampire Weekend on Thursday and was reminded that I'm either getting older or they pull a large college-age demo. Prolly both but a pretty good show.

Saturday night was the big Beck, Spoon and MGMT show at Hollywood Bowl. MGMT was kinda so-so considering they only had 30 minutes and the sun was just setting. Didn't understand the need for recorded drums on the show-closing "Kids" since they'd had a drummer the whole rest of the time. But good nonetheless.

Spoon played their usual genius including some killer versions of "Black like me" and "Don't make me a target." Still one of my favorite bands.

Then Beck came out and opened with a slinky "Loser" before blazing through about 13 songs with his band. They then brought out the LA Philharmonic which was being directed by his father, which was kinda cool. Unfortunately the mood took a turn for the downer as he primarily played tunes from "Sea change" but did have a few moments of brilliance with songs like "I think I'm in love." After he dispatched the orchestra again, he closed it out with "Where it's at" and "E-Pro." Pretty solid night at the Bowl.

But then came last night and My Morning Jacket at the Greek. Damn! No opening band, a solid three hours of old-fashioned rock and roll and one hell of a good night. Somehow I'd never seen them but good god almighty, they brrrrrring it. If they come near your town, I highly recommend you make it.

Oh, and the new Kings of Leon album that comes out tomorrow is incredible. Get your paws on that.

Spain pics to come.


Blogger ButtonHole said...

I actually love to read your political rants. You make sense inside your indignation, and this country needs sooo much more of this kind of anger. The stuff that's happening IS horrible--It does feel like a bad sci-fi/Alice Down the Rabbithole...only it's really happening.

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