Thursday, February 19, 2009


I've been trying to write a full-on post about these things but rather than post nothing I'm posting this: two stellar albums, a couple really solid ones and then one killer new show.

M. Ward "Hold Time"
Easily the the best album I've heard this year, possibly longer. I'm a believer in vintage equipment and the sounds they produce. So is Matt. Guest appearances by Zoe Deschanel, Lucinda Williams and a nifty little cover of Buddy Holly's "Rave On." What else you want?

Glasvegas "Glasvegas"
A stellar major-label debut by the Glaswegian group. I read somewhere that they sounded like a cross between the Raveonettes and Jesus and Mary Chain but I think there's a little Joe Strummer in there as well. All black leather and stand-up drummers and wayfarers and mouths full of lager. Check out "Daddy's Gone":
Daddy's Gone

Franz Ferdinand "Tonight"
Another winner from the boys. It's been out for a few weeks at least but is definitely worth whatever you pay for music.

Animal Collective "Merriweather Post Pavilion"
I love it so far but need a good day on the beach I feel like to give it the solid listen it deserves. It's definitely a slow-burner.

East Bound and Down - HBO

I heard Danny McBride say that he always thought southerners were played as caricatures and so he wrote a show for himself. And it is hi-lar-i-ous. It reminds me a lot of my own high school baseball coach who once played pro ball only to flame out and end up back teaching high school. Loads of foul language, a killer mullet and a jet ski. It's set and filmed in North Carolina.
Here's the opening setup:

Friday, February 13, 2009

Why we live here

Sure it looks like it might rain this weekend again, but here are a few pics from earlier this week after the last storm dumped some snow on our mountains.

It's views like that that make up for the traffic and air pollution.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Coucha Sutra

My latest handiwork. You might have to click on it to see it in its full glory.

It'll be in the Sports Illustrate Swimsuit Issue tomorrow.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

A freebie for the digtial conversion folks

So I learned today that the house has followed the senate and voted to move back the date for the big digital TV conversion from February to June because a lot of people aren't ready yet even though we've been talking about this for over a year. Yet now all of a sudden we think these people are gonna magically get on the stick in the next four months and be ready by June? If they ain't ready yet, they ain't gonna be by June.

But I'll tell you what will get this done: cut the analog signal on February 17th. By February 18th you'll have total conversion.

Nothing motivates people like having no TV.

That one's on me.

Monday, February 02, 2009


Another year, another Super Bowl, another year of animals and people getting hit in the nuts. Wow. And the ad that wins the dubious USA Today poll is made by two dopes from Indianapolis who think the nut shot's still hilarious? Well color me uninterested! But then again, this is the same country that bought into Sarah Palin so there really is no accounting for taste.

Apparently the two unemployed brothers studied the past polls and determined that nut shuts=comedy gold when it comes to the Super Bowl. Sadly they're right. That shit kills. I know people love to say that making ads is easy and all that. And the truth is they're right.

It's navigating the gauntlet of client and creative roadblocks while trying to produce a full range of cohesive marketing touchpoints that's hard.

"Open on a guy with a monkey, cut to monkey punching him the nuts, cut to product shot" is easy. But not exactly the kind of thing that makes anyone feel anything about anything let alone your brand.

That being said, a few winners did slip through if you caught 'em.
Smart (captures the feeling of a crap job) and it made everyone stop what they were doing to see who was sitting on the remote or whatever. Ba-dow.

Beautiful. Simple. Original. What a Super Bowl ad should be.


The script could have just looked like this: "open on Alec Baldwin." That would have been plenty. With a line like "An evil plot to destroy the world. Enjoy." it might've been the best thing on the 'bowl.

Honorable mention:

Audi "Chase"

The car rips. Don't mess around. Show that action!

Pepsi "Pepsuber"

MacGruber is hilarious and the real MacGyver is always a nice touch.

Wastes of Money:

WTF? You look ridiculous. Both of your spots looked terrible. And, uh, ever thought that women have websites too? Something to think about.

Really? That's the best you got? No visuals and a crap voiceover. Terrible. You should close up shop.

Bud Light with Lime
Wow. Sunshine in a bottle? When d'you come up with that? Thursday? Friday? Bangin' strategy there, Bud. That's what you get by hiring a Chicago agency to write a spot during the winter. That city's cold and gray like 10 months a year.