Monday, February 02, 2009


Another year, another Super Bowl, another year of animals and people getting hit in the nuts. Wow. And the ad that wins the dubious USA Today poll is made by two dopes from Indianapolis who think the nut shot's still hilarious? Well color me uninterested! But then again, this is the same country that bought into Sarah Palin so there really is no accounting for taste.

Apparently the two unemployed brothers studied the past polls and determined that nut shuts=comedy gold when it comes to the Super Bowl. Sadly they're right. That shit kills. I know people love to say that making ads is easy and all that. And the truth is they're right.

It's navigating the gauntlet of client and creative roadblocks while trying to produce a full range of cohesive marketing touchpoints that's hard.

"Open on a guy with a monkey, cut to monkey punching him the nuts, cut to product shot" is easy. But not exactly the kind of thing that makes anyone feel anything about anything let alone your brand.

That being said, a few winners did slip through if you caught 'em.
Smart (captures the feeling of a crap job) and it made everyone stop what they were doing to see who was sitting on the remote or whatever. Ba-dow.

Beautiful. Simple. Original. What a Super Bowl ad should be.


The script could have just looked like this: "open on Alec Baldwin." That would have been plenty. With a line like "An evil plot to destroy the world. Enjoy." it might've been the best thing on the 'bowl.

Honorable mention:

Audi "Chase"

The car rips. Don't mess around. Show that action!

Pepsi "Pepsuber"

MacGruber is hilarious and the real MacGyver is always a nice touch.

Wastes of Money:

WTF? You look ridiculous. Both of your spots looked terrible. And, uh, ever thought that women have websites too? Something to think about.

Really? That's the best you got? No visuals and a crap voiceover. Terrible. You should close up shop.

Bud Light with Lime
Wow. Sunshine in a bottle? When d'you come up with that? Thursday? Friday? Bangin' strategy there, Bud. That's what you get by hiring a Chicago agency to write a spot during the winter. That city's cold and gray like 10 months a year.


Blogger aline said...

we had this little "extra credit" assignment at work, wherein we rated our top 3 on the basis of brand was my #1(even though i loved pepsuber and hulu--even though alec baldwin basically played jack donaghy.) good times.

12:26 PM  
Blogger Howard said...

Glad someone else liked Pepsuber. Everyone I know either can't stand MacGruber or feels he "sold out." Yeah, like the MacGruber franchise has a long way to go.

11:16 PM  
Blogger minus five said...

i made the mistake of celebrating super bowl sunday with people who talk during the game and during the commercials. even worse than that, they leave early. at halftime. apparently nobody in that social circle ever watches the game until the end. i was beside myself. really. it was shocking.

next time i'll ask about super bowl procedure before i commit to anyone's couch but my own.

p.s. i still wasn't fortunate enough to miss the godaddy spots. horrible. i don't understand. they have the worst logo ever and the worst advertising and yet, all of my sites are hosted by them. i should be ashamed and i might have thought of changing to somebody else except that it would require effort on my part.

p.p.s. weren't you happy to see dick cheney today and hear all of his infinite wisdom? it changed my life.

10:35 PM  

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