Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The ol' switcheroo

I'm ashamed I even wasted my time on that damn Bachelor show. Dude picks one girl and then picks another? What's that all about? Well why not go back and try 'em all again now that you're free? What, the tedium of daily life brought out things that found a way of hiding as you jet-setted around the globe aboard blimps and yachts and helicopters and private planes?


But the worst was apparently we'd all been had. I dismissed a lot of the stuff this dude was sayin' but apparently he's got an in on that show 'cause homey was right! Check it out:

"Reality Steve"

Someone's got time on their hands, huh? Long story short, Jason fell for Molly some time ago and to keep the show alive the producers talked him into a switcheroo where he proposes to Melissa and then backs out of that engagement and then into another one with Molly in the finale show. Which really just begs one question:

who are these people!

Who knows. But god bless 'em for helping me waste nine Monday nights mindlessly wondering. Love on a game show, how far we've come.

That should do it for my reality fix for at least a few months.


Blogger Whitney said...

oh, reality steve...

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