Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Still the best show on television

That episode Friday night with Street's send-off was some of the best television I've ever seen. The Sun Kil Moon song, the quiet ride through Jersey, and that moment at the end where Riggins starts to tell Street he'll always be his best friend but has to stop and start again? It was one for the books.

I'm pretty sure Taylor Kitsch is becoming my favorite actor. Hard to believe he's Canadian and not from west Texas.

I'm going to miss Street. I hope we get to keep up with him somehow and I hope he does well in the City.

As you can see, that show's like family to me.


Blogger Sherry said...

You already know we're huge fans of FNL. This particular episode was one of the best and featured my new all-time favorite scene. When Tammy wanted Eric to buy the new house, I was so afraid he would wimp out and say yes but instead he let his good sense rule. Then, instead of being all twitty and hurt, Tammy was so sweet. A good lesson for all us married couples.

10:06 AM  
Blogger minus five said...

I'm so confused. I watched it all last season while it was on directv and not nbc. now that it's on nbc, it seemed like all they were doing was replaying the directv season. i record it every week automatically, so now i'll have to go watch this one.

i think it's such a good show because it got its start in pflugerville. that's where all good things come from.

11:27 PM  
Blogger Howard said...

There's a much longer "season finale" post about this show coming. I'm convinced it might be one of the best shows ever created. I've got my reasons.

And Sarah, yes, Directv put up some production money to keep the show going this season and so got to exclusively broadcast it last fall while all other carriers had to wait 'til this spring. God bless 'em.

2:13 PM  

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