Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Five and half minutes of idiots

At least pretend like you want to be a part of a serious discussion. Unbelievable.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A nice little trip

Went to Fort Lauderdale over the weekend for a wedding and a little R&R. Made a little movie of it too.

Untitled from Howard Hill on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Glenn Beck explains it

Welcome to a new segment where everyone's favorite ex-alcoholic/Mormon/bi-polar/nutjob/loony/crybaby explains life's curiosities.

Today's topic: Why are puppies so darn cute?

Here's Glenn now!

Why are puppies so cute? I'll tell you why! Because to this patriot and the millions who believe everything I say despite the fact I have no journalistic credentials whatsoever, it's the last chance they've got. Without their cuteness, all hope is lost.

You see, under Obama's tyrannical plan being cute is the last chance they've got. Folks, this administration wants to eradicate puppies. That's right—yours, mine, your son's, your [he gets choked up] daughter's. Friends, these people want to outlaw puppies, simple as that. I just, [choked up again] I love puppies so much that [now outright crying] I fear for their future.

Why, just today these "people" have taken a puppy as their own and if what I'm hearing is correct, they'll soon kill it in a ritualistic manner on the south lawn. Just ask O'Reilly. Or Limbaugh. Or Jindal. Well, actually, don't ask him. He's kind of a pinhead and we don't tell him anything anyway.

It's time to [choked up] wake up, America. After they get your guns they're going after your puppies.

Dare I say, a Paw-locaust is coming. A Paw-Harbor. A [now lying on the floor, in fetal position] Terrier-attack unlike anything we've seen. A Weimaraner/11.

I urge you to come out tomorrow to one of our Fox-sponsored Tea Parties and protest this assault on puppies. Hell, it's no crazier than a "news" organization organizing and promoting a misguided protest against a tax system that has slowly but steadily shifted the burden of taxation further and further down onto people who (with the help of credit cards and home-equity loans, I guess) forgot they don't actually make much money and yet they're being taxed way the fuck more than the people who actually have the wealth. On top of that, y'all are the same people who didn't bat an eye when we went out and spent a fuckload of money to "liberate" a country with no plan for what to do afterward. Apparently y'all will believe just about anything you hear on this network so have fun out there, suckers!

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

No Line on the Horizon

Many of you know of my undying love for U2 and so needless to say I devoured their new album as soon as it came out. I've been living with it now for about a month and trying to sort out what I thought of it. Some of it I love, some of it is merely ok. And it wasn't until last night that I finally formed my opinion of it. And even then it was from reading someone else's opinion. But Sasha Frere Jones of the New Yorker is rarely off about much. He had this to say in the last paragraph:

"“No Line” works precisely because it doesn’t try too hard to add to the band’s pile of epic moments. This album is a long dinner with old friends, all of whom love each other, most of whom are born talkers, and some of whom hold the floor for too long. Not every anecdote holds up, and some of the food belongs, untouched, on the edge of your plate. But it would be small-minded to leave before the whole warm, rambling night is over."

That pretty much sums it up. I will say that "Boots" song definitely isn't the reason I love the band and there are a few other speed bumps like "Breathe," but on the whole, it's a fantastic return to a more adventurous form for them. Easily their best playing since "Achtung Baby" though certainly.

However, I'd give the album high marks for one song and one song alone: "Moment of Surrender." First, it's over seven minutes long which gives it the distinction of being the only the second U2 studio recording to ever break the seven-minute mark (the first was "An cat dubh/into the heart" from "Boy" coming in at a healthy 8:14). "Bad," "Elvis Presley and America," and "All I want is you" were all only 6 and change. Second, Bono doesn't start singing until 1:16 into it. When's the last time that happened? Third, the Edge steals what sounds like Clapton's guitar for a bluesy solo unlike anything I've heard the guy play before.

And lastly, Bono finally found a place for the lyric "a vision over visibility" which by his own admission was something he'd been kicking around for years. It's a big thought when you think about it and something I'd argue we could use right now. To see an end despite having no means, to see the answer without knowing how to solve it, to see there despite still being here.

A vision over visibility. A thought for the times we live in.