Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Glambert for the win

That’s right, I watch the American Idol. And here’s a few reason why Adam Lambert is gonna win tonight:

He’s got a whale of a voice. This is a singing competition, after all.

He’s got star power. It’s hard to pin down but the temperature goes up a few notches when he hits the stage. Everyone knows it, even the other kids who were trying to win.

He’s like what Elvis must have been to the Ricky Nelson’s and Eddie Cochran’s of the 50’s. We had a bunch of those dudes already. What we didn’t have was an Elvis. And without Elvis we wouldn’t have had everything that came after him.

He’s versatile. Give him a style and he nails it, as witnessed by last night. Even that god-awful song they made ‘em sing about wings and ladders and mountain climbing. Goth, metal, Motown, classic rock, Johnny Cash—he doesn’t just do it, he does it differently. We’ve got enough sameness.

He’s different, he’s exciting, and he’s gay. Everything that the people you know in Arkansas or Idaho or Alabama aren’t. And if history is any guide, he probably scares their parents. All the better.

He's single. No matter what team he plays for he's not married to some girl who doesn't seem like she's too much a part of the picture anyway (I'm looking at you, Kris with a "k" which also happens to be how girls spell it.) This isn't "American Friend", it's "American Idol."

He’s got his shit together. For all the hoopla surrounding him, there’s surprisingly little drama or off-screen craziness. What’s that, you found some pictures of him making out with some dude? BFD. And he moves on. Like all of us should.

He’s humble. Despite the fact that this has pretty much been a coronation for about the last month or so, he’s stayed incredibly respectful of both his opponents and the judges. He could tell them all to suck it at this point and it wouldn't matter.

He’s a risk-taker. The kind of thing we need more of in music. I remember thinking that the version of “Ring of Fire” he did was kind of wrong but to his credit, I’d never heard anything like it before. Go ahead, name one of the other performances from that week.

He’s cool. Just plain cool. Like he ain’t got a care in the world. And isn’t that what rock and roll is about?

He thanks the band. After every performance. That’s just respect and good manners. Two things we could stand to see more of.

Rob Sheffield wrote a great little piece about him in the most recent Rolling Stone and had this to say:

“Where the hell did they find this guy? There’s a “boy who fell to Earth” quality about him, like David Bowie’s Lady Stardust come to life.

Having Adam around seems to cheer everybody up, including the other singers, who know the pressure’s off. Hell, even Simon looks happy. Yeah, it’s supposed to be a competition, but part of Glambert’s charm is that by removing all the bogus suspense from the show, he’s made it watchable again.”

Glambert for the win.


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