Friday, May 29, 2009

Jay Bennett

I just found out yesterday that Jay Bennett, Wilco's former multi-instrumentalist, died on May 24th. He was only 45.

It's a shame, especially after he was kind of ridden out of the band back in 2001 after having contributed to what I would argue were a run of three albums as good as any band's ever turned out. "Being There", "Summerteeth" and "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" were, in my opinion up there with famous runs like the Stones'"Beggars Banquet", "Let it Bleed" and "Sticky Fingers" or U2's run of "The Unforgettable Fire", "The Joshua Tree" and "Achtung Baby." Quite similar to the latter run, really. A band maturing right before your very ears. He took their sound from being merely alt-country to being something really quite unclassifiable. When they were called "the American Radiohead," he was why.

This is one of my favorite little clips of he and Jeff, back in better times.

I don't think he ever found his place in the musical world before or after Wilco. I think that's the biggest shame. He was a brilliant musician.

He'll be missed.


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