Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What about me?

Many of you may have heard about the ill-fated Virgin America flight that made the 16 hour trek from LA to NYC this past Saturday. A guy even made a video of it.

What the news has failed to tell you however is the story of the people who were left to suffer in the brightly lit and sparsely furnished JFK Terminal 4 as they waited for that flight to arrive and take them back to LA. A flight know as Virgin America 411.

Most glaringly, they've failed to tell my story.

I was one of what came to be known as the Virgin America 126 (not sure what the head count was but that's a likely number) waiting endlessly for that selfish, selfish plane to take me home.

For almost 12 hours, as that plane circled and circled and circled before later being diverted and held on a tarmac upstate for hours before its passengers were eventually bused into the city 16 hours later, I was in an airline terminal. JFK Terminal 4. Gate B25.

There, I was forced to move from one sitting area to another as passenger after passenger made loud, angry phone call after loud, angry phone call near me. It was as if they were seeking me out in order to make their phone calls as closely as possible.

Why, god?

That afternoon, after rushing to get to the airport believing the internet's claim that my flight was still on time, I ate a "pizza" from one of the few restaurant options available. If bread, pepperoni and a sauce that tasted like warm trash could even be called a pizza, of course. I'm looking at you, Cibata something or another.

Sweet Jesus.

A few hours in, thinking surely it wouldn't be much longer, I was forced to buy a $2.50 bag of M&M's. That's like a 400% mark up.

Lord, why hath thou forsaken me?

Later that evening, I dined on one the worst burgers of my life at a place called Buffalo Wild Wings. Granted, the tall Budweiser was delicious but that burger could only be described as prison-caliber.

Oh, the humanity.

There weren't even that many outlets for plugging in our countless electronics.

So much suffering. So much pain.

Some twelve hours later we boarded our flight and made it back to LA, getting in about 6 in the morning. Pretty uneventful flight, really. Got some solid shut-eye. But still.

I think all of us who spent those hours wandering the Hudson News and sitting and eating and reading and will never forget the hardships we endured that night. March 12th.

Actually, pretty sure it was the 13th. Hard to remember now.

What's important is that I too suffered. And that you know about it.


Blogger Marie said...

At first I thought you were being sarcastic. But by the end of your story. I got the feeling that you were serious about your suffering. If so...Haiti. 10% US unemployment. working people who can't afford health insurance.
STFU about a delayed flight you weren't even on.

9:58 AM  
Blogger Howard Hill said...

Oh, Marie...whoever you are. Such a large heart and yet such a small brain.

Stick to your first thoughts.

12:17 PM  
Blogger Sherry said...

Marie, whoever you are, remember that everything is relative! But, in the category of airport/airline hassles, I think having to wait for the plane was almost as bad as being on this one. At least the people on the plane got their money refunded and an extra cash voucher. The waiting people got nothing, unless you count a delayed ride home (which they still had to pay for!).

10:08 AM  

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