Monday, June 14, 2010

An American describes the soccer game

What an awesome game! We totally tied it! Here’s what happened:

Ok, ok, so the English team came out and after like only four minutes had gone off the clock they kicked a goal and so the score was one to nothing.

But our team hung in there and made some good passes and stuff. Seemed like there was a lot of running because the field is like huge! Has it always been that big? And sometimes it seemed like the players would pass the ball to no one. Or backwards. Or out of bounds. On purpose. Oh yeah, and when they shoot the ball they miss the goal A LOT. I don’t mean by a few inches either—I mean by like several feet. Not even close! Do they practice at all? Who knows.

Anyway, I totally forgot that our goalie totally got hurt and almost died not long after the England goal! The dude got hit with a cleat and was writhing around in pain and so I figured "oh crap, he's never gonna play again." But then a miracle happened because all of a sudden he sprang back up and was totally fine! I’m told that happens all the time in soccer—the players’ legs make incidental contact and they collapse in a heap and to judge by the looks on their faces you'd think the pain must just be unimaginable. But no, seconds later they’re off following the play down the field at full speed!

Beautiful game indeed!

Oh yeah, then just before halftime our guy kicked the ball past their goalie. Despite wearing huge gloves he totally couldn’t catch it! So the game was tied!

And I mean, who doesn’t love a tie! It’s like everyone wins. Hooray for both teams!

Then there was the second half which involved more kicking and passing and wildly off-the-mark shots and stuff while I wondered "why didn’t we start that Beckham guy who's married to that chick and plays for a team somewhere here?" No one scored for like 15 minutes and that weird “whirring” noise from the TV was making me loopy so I changed the channel to see how the Yankees were doing.

Turns out Jeter hit two dingers and Posada had himself a grand slam! The Yankees win! Theeeeeeee Yankees win!

It was a great game.


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