Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 17, 1994

I watched that "30 for 30" documentary on ESPN about June 17, 1994 last night and was just blown away. No other way to put it.

For those who don't remember, that day was a remarkable and surreal day for sports and ultimately American culture. All of the following happened that day:

• The World Cup kicked off at Soldier Field in Chicago
• The NY Rangers held their parade on Broadway after winning their first Stanley Cup in 54 years
• The NY Knicks took on the Houston Rockets in game 5 of the finals at MSG (Ewing vs. Olujawon)
• Arnold Palmer played his final round in a major at the US Open
• Ken Griffey, Jr., hit his 30th homerun (weeks before the all-star break—and this was back when the thought of getting to 60 homers was still considered a feat)
• Oh yeah, and after the LAPD put out a warrant for OJ Simpson's arrest the famous white Bronco slow-speed chase took place with OJ in the back threatening suicide while a negotiator talks him down and the media basically begins to eulogize him as the killer (then again who would act like that if they hadn't done it?)

Just wait—oh man, just wait—until the press conference where Robert Kardashian reads OJ's suicide note. It will freaking blow your mind.

Of course, all this happened in that pre-cell phone, pre-internet, pre-TMZ period so what the documentary really does well is take everything that happened and compile it to show how crazy that day was.

I still remember exactly where I was that day as it happened. I bet you do too. I mean for a while there, as far as we knew one of the greatest football players of all time had killed himself. After killing his ex-wife and her boyfriend of course. Cra-zy.

Find it on ESPN this weekend, record it and watch it. It's an insanely riveting hour of television.


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