Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Arcade Fire - Wake Up (Unstaged) - Night 2

That I was in that room for two nights in a row of this seems almost unfair. That we were able to walk there seems criminally so.

Texas forever, Win. Texas forever.

While "Wake up" of course closed both nights, this was the second to last tune and one that's quietly become a favorite of mine. They lock into a pretty good groove (especially at the end when Win gets on the piano) and there's a nice moment where Win goes over and kisses Regine on the cheek around the 2:05 mark. Good stuff. This is "Sprawl II (mountains beyond mountains)."

And 'cause two videos isn't enough, here's a little gem of them playing on a cramped stage in Toronto back in 2003.

ARCADE FIRE Live 2003 from Bennett on Vimeo.

You can't say they do it with any less abandon!


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