Monday, March 28, 2011

LCD Week #5 “Yr city’s a sucker”

This week LCD Soundsystem will play four final nights at Terminal 5 and then one big blowout at the Garden this Saturday before they hang it up. I missed “The Last Waltz” back in ’76 but I’ll be there for this. Sadly, like most fans I didn’t get tickets to Saturday night’s final, final show but what can you do?

For a group that really only burst on the scene as performers a little over 8 years ago and only released three full-lengths, they put a pretty solid stamp on the indie scene in a pretty short time in a way few other bands outside of Arcade Fire have. So to celebrate and simultaneously mourn the passing of one of my favorite bands, I thought I’d do a little retrospective this week of my five favorite LCD songs. So let’s light this candle with “Yr city’s a sucker” off 2002’s self-titled debut.
LCD Soundsystem - Yr City's a Sucker by Uberkampfe your city's a sucker

In classic LCD style, the tune starts off slow and a bit plodding but then escalates as it goes. It’s a sleazy love song to youthful New York and late night revelry and all the things that make New York not your town. Over a jangly beat, James Murphy bellows “your city’s a sucker, my city’s a creep” repeatedly while admitting “you have so much more space” and “you have so much more time.” But then, space and time have never been what make New York great.

#4's coming up tomorrow people.


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