Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You guys are going to LA to shoot a spot!!!!!!!

Take a gander at this spot and see if anything strikes you as—oh, I don’t know—stupid or senseless or just plain sloppy. Watch it a couple times even if you've already seen it a hundred times on TV.

I personally think this “magic jingle” campaign is just plain terrible. The jack-asses in the car that gets hit by the buffalo, the den of slack that then gets filled with a hot tub, the LeBron one—just dreadful all around.

But this one stands out as somehow worse than the others. Lord knows what’s going through State Farm’s mind as they sign off on these*.

But let’s break this junior-team spot down, shall we?

We open on three stoned-out kids on the front lawn. For some reason there’s a concrete pipe on top of the car. Guess the kids were too ripped to hear the construction going on or the mighty crash of a ton of concrete onto a car.

Good rule of thumb here: either go really realistic (tree limb, light pole, hit and run) or go big (asteroid, space junk, one of those big fake dinosaurs they have out in the desert). Insightful or memorable, pick one. But a concrete pipe? It’s boring and raises too many obvious questions (i.e. why not just call the city or whoever dispatched the heavy equipment to the area and tell them to pay up! Problem solved without even affecting your premium.)

Alright, so the Jetta has been crushed. The kids stumble out to find it. The chick sings the jingle—poorly—and her agent shows up. Ok.

But then Puff and the Magic Dragon start dreaming up stuff to ask for. Naturally they go with a giant stuffed panda and Bob Barker (like he was a big part of their growing up, ya know).

But then the shit really hits the fan.

Bob Barker replaces the kinda decent Jetta with a fucking Geo Tracker! Or whatever that orange excuse for a car is. Meanwhile you’re thinking to yourself “well yeah, those kids may be higher than a fruit bat but they won’t go for that piece of crap.” Well hold onto your hat ‘cause they flip their shit for that 1990’s relic!

How high ARE these kids? Lord knows they shouldn’t be driving.

Did they miss the fact that a Geo Tracker is not even in the same automotive category! It’s not a sedan or an SUV or compact SUV—it’s a “rollover hazard!” Probably why they killed that brand in like 1993. It’s sure as hell no Jetta which is what I’d be expecting my new car to be.

Is that chick really all like “yeah, you know I had a VW but what I really wanted was one of those discontinued Geo’s. State Farm totally hooked me up. I’d have totally taken a Pontiac Aztec too.”

I’ve got more questions than you’ve got time but I’ve been really questioning how my premiums are being spent. If anyone worked on this or knows someone who worked on it I’d love to ask them some questions.

* It’s unlikely that State Farm really feels like the big revenue generators moving forward are 20 year olds who are perpetually high. The more likely thinking is that—like laundry detergent—once someone picks an insurance company they’re unlikely to change. So the goal is to get to them as soon as they leave the nest. These kids, however, seem like they’re not exactly what we like to call “out on their own.”


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