Thursday, August 23, 2012

Beatin’ of the week

If you’ve been to a concert in the past five years you’ve seen them: asshats with their phones held up in the air. I don’t mean the “hey, let me snap a quick pic” types either. I’m talking about the weasels with their phones in the air trying to shoot a whole damn song.Yeah, we're dying to see the shaky, blaringly loud, vertically-oriented clip tomorrow. Can't wait!
Well this T-Mobile spot’s been out for a few weeks but pretty perfectly captures our apparent total inability to enjoy anything for the thing itself and not the sharing of said thing.

So a girl takes a video and then sends it to her friends at the same show? And then they all bust out their phones to actually watch the video of the show they’re at? Are you kidding me right now? And they look thrilled! Sure it's the super hot T-Mobile chick and all but still. 
I think this calls for a good old-fashioned sad-off between that one and this AT&T spot from earlier this year that I think was called “Two assholes on a lawn”:

You be the judge. 


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