Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Let me Rick Rubin you, U2

Guys, I’m gonna come right out and say it. For the decade of 1985-1995, I was pretty much your biggest fan. I know everyone says that but I was the fucking fan champ. I'll bet one of you probably owns a country house or a dirt bike or some kind of mattress we don't even know exists that was bought largely by me. So, you’re welcome. It was probably you, Bono. So you’re welcome.

So anyway the other night I was out walking the streets of New York and dialed up ye ole Joshua Tree album and a few songs in I was hit by the relative quiet and power of “Running to stand still.”  That’s a goddamn great song, gents. 
There’s a restraint in that one. There’s a warmth in those electric piano chords, in that texture lying just beneath them. There’s that beautiful slide guitar. Christ, there’s harmonica. When’s the last time you dusted off the harmonica, Bono? Rattle and Hum? So here’s the deal.
Let me Rick Rubin you.
Let me get you back to where you were best. After all the mega tours and the spiders-from-Mars stages and, frankly, after that whole disco-ball-lemon thing you guys are beyond due for a scaled down record. A record that’s nothing more than Irish soul, four guys in a room. It’ll be like an early Van Morrison record or a late Nick Lowe record, maybe a Mumford rave-up bubbles up out of it. But no leather, no ski caps, no muscle shirts, no weird facial hair, no whatever that thing was where Edge got wrapped in rope while Bono popped in and sang about feeling numb.
Let me Rick Rubin you.
Let me get you guys in a room and lets cut some tracks. No distortion pedals, no soaring choruses, no shades. Just an honest to god, multi-platinum album.  We’ll probably have some beers, stay up too late and I’d even be up for taking these sessions somewhere interesting. Like say Dublin. Maybe that big ass hangar where y’all cut some of Rattle and Hum. Maybe Sun Studios. I'm flexible. And Bono, I wouldn’t mind if you brought back the high pants and suspenders. I’ll let you get back to it but think about it. 
Ha La La La De Day. 

Whatever that means. 


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