Friday, July 26, 2013

Let me Rick Rubin you, Rolling Stones

First off, Mick, happy birthday. Second, to all of you, it's been a hell of a long time since you all made an album of note. Sure, the tours have been great but the studio joints have been pretty forgettable. There were a few gems in there. "Love is strong" was a good track, Keith's "Thief in the night" was pretty good, "Stripped" was a good live album but was a little too shiny for my taste. And I think we can all agree we probably could have done without "A Bigger Bang" altogether. But I ran across this clip of y'all the other day from the Austin show back in 2005 and it hit me.

Let me Rick Rubin you.

Let's do a country album. Y'all have always loved American country so let's make some. Let's go back to "Faraway eyes", "Dear doctor" and "No spare parts." Let's cut another "Dead flowers." Shit, let's make "Country Honk." Let's get Ronnie on that steel guitar and Keith on the acoustic—an old one, not some fancy shit. Then let's put Charlie behind a spare kit, maybe throw some wire whisks in his hands. And let's get you back on the harp, Mick. And rather than sing-talk through songs, let's get you singing again. The weather in your voice is perfect for it now.

Let me Rick Rubin you.

Let's go to Muscle Shoals or Sun or Third Man and cut some tracks. Hell, we could see if that mansion in the south of France is still around. And do it right this time. No mobile truck, we'll build out a studio. Y'all got the money now. And you're clean. Then we'll tour the crap out of this thing in theaters. No eight-story stages or lapping tongues, just the five of you and some twang. Maybe we bring in some guests like JD King or J Roddy Walston or Jamie Johnson. We can sort it all out when we meet up.

But give it some thought.

Then let me Rick Rubin you.


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