Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Let’s Heavy Up On Interstitials

Thanks everyone for getting together on such short notice but I want to let everyone in on an exciting new initiative here at OmniMedia that I think you’re really going to like. We’re going to take our clients’ budgets and we’re going to heavy up on interstitials. You heard right, interstitials. The wave of the future, in case you haven’t heard. Sure, last year’s decision to go all-in on banner ads may not have panned out the way we would have liked but we got a few click-throughs. Not a lot of sales but who among you will deny that case study video with the indie rock track over it wasn't pretty snazzy? But that's behind us now. This year we're all about interstitials.

Show of hands, how many of you are on the social media? Your Facebooks, your Twitters, your SnapPics? I see a few hands out there, good. Well, picture this, you click on a link in your MySpace feed or whatever to read an article about cats or skateboarders or whatever you kids are into now and before you get there one of our interstitials pops up and you’re all like “what’s this, a message from a respected brand that I recognize?” It's like a magazine page you can't turn. Sure, you could click on the “skip ad” button but—and I think I speak for all of us here—you just got hit with some serious disruptive advertising so you stick around because this looks cool. Eventually you abandon the article you were going to read and you click through to make a purchase of our clients’ product or service. We’ve all been there. Happens every day.

Now I know some of you have some PTO coming up but let me just say this: no vacation is going to give you the satisfaction that will come from the nights and weekends you’ll spend waiting for your creative director's approval on your concepts while chomping down on some take out pizza and cold Koo-Koo-Roo. This is 21st century stuff, guys. The cutting edge of “digital.” Where my digital ninjas at? Where my pixel pushers at? I see a few of you out there. Be sure to make room on your books and on your bookshelves because I hear the south of France is lovely in June.

So don’t hold back, guys. I really want you all to see this as an opportunity to stop those web surfers in their tracks with pithy headlines and bold imagery. So think big, think of ideas that really “pop”, think different as Steve Jobs would say. We’re going to show readers of Business Insider and Forbes something they’ve never seen. Have they never seen them because interstitials are routinely cited as one of the most loathed of all digital placements and people can't click past them fast enough? Or is it because they just haven’t seen one of ours yet? I think you know the answer to that.

So call your wives and kids and tell them goodnight because we’re going to hit the ground running. How’s a medium cheese pizza sound for dinner? Pretty good, right? Alright gang, let’s get started. And what do you say we look at the first round tomorrow around 9 AM.

I'll be on email tonight until 8 or so if you have any questions.